Under Pressure from Bishop Campaign, McCready Returns Omar Donation

The following is a statement from Dan Bishop, conservative candidate and “Right Dan” for Congress in NC-09, on “Wrong Dan” McCready’s months-too-late refund of radical Rep. Ilhan Omar’s campaign contribution:

“’Wrong Dan’ McCready gladly accepted a contribution from Rep. Ilhan Omar and then held it for months – long after the Congresswoman’s offensive, antisemitic slander of our ally Israel. Only after our campaign began to expose McCready’s ties to the far-left fringe of the Democratic Party did he return the money. He never should have accepted it in the first place, but he’s right to be concerned that people across the 9thDistrict will learn the truth – the Omar contribution is just one of many troubling associations Dan McCready will have to explain in this special election. We won’t stop educating voters about the liberal clowns working to help McCready join them in Washington.”