On The Issues

Illegal Immigration

Dan fully supports President Trump’s border wall.

Second Amendment

Dan is a gun owner who has been A rated and endorsed by the NRA.


Dan is pro-life and will fight extremist Democrats’ to stop infanticide and late-term abortion on demand.

Voter ID

Dan believes requiring a photo ID to vote is common sense. He led the fight to put the successful Voter ID Constitutional Amendment on the ballot last November.


Dan believes lower taxes and smaller government are better for families and better for our economy.

Freedom and Faith

Dan believes Christian values and the freedoms granted by our Constitution made America great.

Supporting our Military

We owe and immeasurable debt to our active duty military who stand in harms way to protect our freedoms, and all the veterans who have honorably served our nation. That means keeping the promises we make to them when they sign up to serve.

National Defense

Maintaining a strong national defense is a Constitutional mandate that must be upheld and, I believe, a moral obligation that must be met by Congress.