Where Dan Stands

Fighting Coronavirus

As a member of the Small Business Committee, Dan helped pass the Paycheck Protection Program – forgivable loans to help local small business pay their employees, rent and mortgages during the coronavirus crisis. And Dan voted to deliver billions of dollars worth of masks, gloves and other protective equipment to doctors, nurses and first responders. He passed funding to develop a vaccine, and resources to expand COVID-19 testing to thousands more North Carolinians.

Lumbee Recognition

In his first act in Congress, Dan signed on to the Lumbee Recognition Act and testified that the Lumbee Tribe deserves the same federal benefits and recognition as other tribes across the country. Dan will keep fighting for full federal recognition.

Law and Order

Dan supports our brave men and women in law enforcement who keep our cities safe and opposes extremist efforts to defund the police. He sponsored a bill in Congress to defund cities and towns that allow lawless “autonomous zones.”

Second Amendment

Dan is a gun owner who has been A rated and endorsed by the NRA.

Voter ID

Dan believes requiring a photo ID to vote is common sense. He led the fight to put the successful Voter ID Constitutional Amendment on the ballot in 2018.


Dan believes lower taxes and smaller government are better for families and better for our economy. The Trump tax cuts led to one of the strongest economies our nation has ever seen. Dan will work to rebuild that strong economy and keep taxes low.

National Defense

Maintaining a strong national defense is a Constitutional mandate that must be upheld and, Dan believes, a moral obligation that must be met by Congress.