I’ll keep this short.

I was just in North Carolina making a pitch to voters for Dan Bishop in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, and he needs your support now more than ever.

Dan will be a strong proponent of my father’s America First agenda, but most importantly, he supports building the wall, protecting our Second Amendment rights, and protecting the sanctity of life.


However, Dan’s opponent will stand with Nancy Pelosi and her far left socialist colleagues. They’ll do whatever they can to win this election. His opponent supports open borders, sanctuary cities, and the socialist agenda of Ilhan Omar.

In fact, he already accepted a $2,000 check from her for his campaign! We already knew he was liberal, but now we know exactly how far he will go to win.

This special election is CRITICAL to taking back Trump’s conservative House Majority and setting the tone for a red wave in 2020.

Please contribute any amount today to stand with President Trump and all of his supporters in our fight to Keep America Great.


Thank you,

Donald Trump Jr.