Dan Bishop

Election Day | May 14th


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Meet Dan

Dan Bishop is a Christian, husband, father, and lifelong Constitutional Conservative.

Dan was born and raised in the 9th district – the youngest of five – and his family has lived here for generations.

An attorney, Dan spent most of his career in the private sector. He ran for the state legislature in 2014, and in just his third term he’s become one of the most effective and conservative lawmakers in North Carolina. Dan led the fight to put the Voter ID Constitutional Amendment on the ballot last November and has been A rated by the NRA for protecting our second amendment rights. NC Right to Life and the North Carolina Values Coalition have supported Dan for protecting the unborn and defending conservative Christian values. Dan cut or eliminated state income taxes on 99% of North Carolina families, and he voted to punish sanctuary cities that harbor illegal aliens.

Dan lives with Jo, his wife of over 20 years, his 18-year-old son, Jack and their dog, Ellie.


The Right Dan to Fight the Clowns in Washington




Where Dan Stands

I’m the right Dan to send to Congress. I will always tell you where I stand on the issues. Dan McCready is the wrong Dan. He won’t take a position on any of the most important issues facing our country.
Dan Bishop

Illegal Immigration

Dan fully supports President Trump’s border wall.

Second Amendment

Dan is a gun owner who has been A rated and endorsed by the NRA.


Dan is pro-life and will fight extremist Democrats’ to stop infanticide and late-term abortion on demand.

Voter ID

Dan believes requiring a photo ID to vote is common sense. He led the fight to put the successful Voter ID Constitutional Amendment on the ballot last November.


Dan believes lower taxes and smaller government are better for families and better for our economy.

Freedom and Faith

Dan believes Christian values and the freedoms granted by our Constitution made America great.