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Dan and family

Dan Bishop is a Conservative representing North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District.

Dan’s family has lived in NC-09 for generations, and he has called Charlotte home for several decades.

As a successful attorney, Dan spent most of his career in the private sector. He served as a Mecklenburg County Commissioner before running for the state legislature in 2014. In the State House and Senate, Dan quickly became one of the most effective and conservative lawmakers in North Carolina. He voted to cut or eliminate state income taxes on 99% of North Carolina families, require photo ID at the polls to secure our elections, and earned A ratings and endorsements from the NRA.

In 2019, Dan won a 10-way primary outright then overcame millions in outside spending from far-left dark money groups to win the most expensive and hotly contested Congressional race of the year.

In Congress, Dan has fought for federal recognition for the Lumbee Indian Tribe, delivered emergency relief for North Carolina small businesses hurt by the coronavirus outbreak, and most recently introduced a bill to defund cities and states that allow lawlessness and rioting in “autonomous zones.”

Dan lives in Charlotte with his wife, Jo. Their son, Jack, is entering his second year at college.

Dan Bishop

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